Sunday, May 15, 2011

French Wire-edge Ribbon Rose Pillow for Hideko

This is a pillow I'm creating to send to Hideko in Sendai, Japan. Please visit Hideko's blog at  Hideko plans on having an auction in the fall.
I started this pillow at 10:30 last night. Any creating I do, happens at night, after all the animals are tucked into their stalls in the barn and the studio lights are turned off.  I then carry tote bags to the house filled with bits. This pillow has a few more hours of embellishing before I can add the fringe. The image is 5" x 10" and is a print of Morning Glories from an 1880 seed packet. I've fused the image to dark emerald green velvet.
I've begun to add  one-wrap French Knots in Glitter-edge RibbonRuffles in Monet, among the roses. I used a #13 chenille needle and stitched the knots loosely. I will finish the piece by adding ruby rose montees, beads and crystals. Wire-edge ribbon is easy to use. Create free-form roses and flowers simply by gathering on edge of the ribbon. Hope to have the pillow on its way to Japan this week.


Jane said...

Beautiful!! I love making wire edge roses!

Jane said...

I love you choices!
Wire edge ribbons are wonderful!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Jane, thank you! It is fun to work with wire-edge ribbon!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Vicki, I am looking foward to seeing your work in person soon! It must be so inspirational for me! I would like to learn making roses with wire edge roses!! Thank you very much for your taking time to make such a beautiful pillow for me! Hideko

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Hideko, The rose pillow will be on its way to you today. A photo will be sent shortly. I will put in the package too, some wire-edge ribbon and instructions for making a rose. Most of the roses on the cushon are rolled ribbon roses. Once they were made, I would use my fingers to press the roses to the fabric in efforts to give them more of a vintage look. I tacked the rose edges to the fabric. I hope to send you more pieces. It's a pleasure.