Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

If you want to be inspired, view a wealth of techniques, that you will not see assembled ever again in one location, if you appreciate Couture embroidery, and Victorian inspiration translated into 21st Century gowns, do not miss Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue. (Due to copyright law, I'm not able to show any of his gowns.) There is no way to describe the genius of Alexander McQueen. Every inch of the exhibit exceeds all expectations.

 The book produced for this exhibit will certainly become a collectible. From the hologram cover to the very last page, I inhaled the book.

The staff at the museum are seeing an additional 4,000 people a day, due to the exhibit.  I had the taxi drop me off 20 minutes before the museum opened, and the line was already inching it's way down Fifth Avenue.

 You can see the body of Kate Middletown's gown reflected in several designs. Embroidery on burlap, silk fabric or Scottish Tartan, embellished with Victorian French Jet beads or crocodile heads; his gowns have it all! And then some. There are a variety of Philip Treacy hats on display as well as the famous Armadillo shoes that launched Lady Gaga's fashion creativity. Have to sneak in one more visit to the exhibit!


Sandi said...

Oh, I would love to see this exhibit! How I love to see beautifully constructed and embellished textiles. I was lucky to travel to Europe with my husband many times during the 80's and 90's. I always found museums or exhibits with textiles I could study. My favorites.....the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Costume Collection Exhibit in Bath and a limited exhibit of Valentino that was open during a trip to Rome. I was there only a week and paid to see the exhibit three times just so I could remember the clothing of Jacquelynne Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, The Aga Kahn, Sophia Loren, etc. The cut of clothe and detail of the clothing was exquisite. I inhaled that exhibit! I only wish that I had bought the book! It was very expensive and was in Italian and I just couldn't justify it at the time. I can understand why you would inhale the book on the Alexander McQueen exhibit. :-)

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Oh Sandi, you are a woman of my own heart. I know exactly how you feel. Aren't we blessed to have had the experience?

Sandi said...

Yes, we are. I never imagined as a young girl growing up in Iowa that I would ever visit so many places when I grew up. :-) When I visit a place or a museum, I "drink it in", take pictures if allowed and when I grow old I can enjoy looking at them and recalling what fun it was way back then. :-)

Victoria Adams Brown said...

I know! I grew up in a small West Texas town and I took so many Art History classes while in college. In a dark classroom watching slides roll by of great masters' work, I only dreamed of seeing any of the pieces in person. I think visiting a museum is the true exercise of living in the moment. Viewing an exhibit, that inspires us, transcends time. Gratitude and appreciation makes everything better!