Saturday, May 21, 2011

Woodland Santa

Meet "Mr. Woodland Santa", a fabulous St. Nick designed by Stephanie Novatski. Please visit Stephanie's blog at The details of Stephanie's dolls keep us all captivated. Her patterns and dolls were the hit of the AFIC show in Ohio and while there, Stephanie gave me this treasure. Stephanie's dolls have faces filled with expression and I still do not know how she captures, such tiny, expressive fingers for her dolls. Both accomplishments are difficult to attain. Stephanie knows how much nature, old things, antiques, wood and dark colors are some of my favorite things. Mr. Claus will be the king in our Santa collection. He wears a small pack on his back filled with golden leaves. He has a small bird house in one hand and carries a bejeweled walking stick. He has a bit of a tummy which is subdued with a small brass buckle kept warm by his embroidered coat. And he wears suede boots, a must for all the walking in his future. I have a stone ledge set into a mocha wall in our stairway. Woodland Santa will now reside in this special spot. Stephanie, I am grateful indeed to have one of your dolls!

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