Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kid Wedding Shoes - Edwardian

Aren't these a stunning pair of Edwardian Shoes? These were a Christmas gift.
I've traced these back to a 1910 Boston, Massachusetts dry goods store.
They surely were white when purchased. They are still in excellent condition for their age. They would have fit a very narrow size US 5. I can only imagine the lady that wore these slippers on her wedding day.

 I am blessed to have someone that knows how much I love vintage apparel. He's watched me "melt" over the construction of a piece that may be in a poor condition; but am still able to see how grand it must have been a hundred years ago. I have to admit that most of the Victorian bodices and flapper gowns I have  in my collections, have all been given to me by my brother. I've hauled him to auctions, New York Vintage shows in the blazing heat, small Texas towns, and through the East Coast countryside to flea markets, thrilled simply with the excursion. I don't need the acquistion to appreciate the beauty and artistry.

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