Friday, February 10, 2012

CQJP March block WIP

This is the beginning of the March block for the CQJP.

The impressive Indian tambour beading is part of a sleeve from a vintage garment. I cut the embroidery off the fabric ground, as close to the embroidery piece as possible. To hide the fabric edges, couching with Vintage metal thread, was the answer. I cannot imagine the hours of stitching it took to create the metal thread embroidery. The piece was in a thrift store on a rack with costumes. Did the man, woman, or child, working with their tambour hook, enjoy the process...or was it another day's work?
  The embroidery would be stunning as a focal for a purse, but using it on a block, means it will be viewed each day, when taking the stairs. I did not have the heart to clip the piece into smaller motifs, which is what I normally would do with trims.
Lots of embellishing to go... 

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