Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dyed Motifs for Etsy Site

Here are a few motifs I dyed last night for the Etsy site, Old Elements. All are ready to purchase.

 As a true plastic bag junkie, I have plastic bags filled with rayon venise trims waiting to be dyed or loaded onto the website. I simply cannot turn down a venise lace motif.

Dyeing rayon venise lace, uses the same creativity we invest in our stitching. I like deep, dark vintage jewel tones and to dye a motif a pastel shade, to me, begs for more color. As a fan of French work and thinking of Sophie Gelfi; they use wonderful deep dark fabrics and threads.  

In the above samples, I only used 4 colors of  RibbonSmyth Rainbow dyes.

For an all-over pastel, wet the motif, dye the entire motif with Duck Down and then add much-diluted Olivine, a touch of diluted Lilac and Victorian Rose. The pastel colors are created with water and one pipette of dye. After allowing the motif to damp dry, if the motif is too pale, lay in other colors - Periwinkle or Antique Gold. Every dyeing experience is relaxing. 

The center motif is about 10" in length and is a 3-D piece. It begs to be appliqued to a jacket lapel and then heavily embroidered with beads and ribbons. It's a stunning motif with the largest flower stitched on top of the basic motif.
The minute the motifs are ironed, the color pops. Little jewels waiting for a surface!


Leonie said...

You are a master at handling dyes Vickie. Gorgeous rich colors!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Leonie, thank you! They were a treat to dye!