Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Rayon Motifs ready-to-dye

This is a photo of a rayon motif I dyed with RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyes. I keep dyed motifs in a ziplock bag and then when working on a collage, will cut up pieces of a motif to work into the fabric space. I just loaded some motifs onto the Ribbonsmyth website at reasonable prices.

Last week I was able to purchase pounds of old costume stock and in this picture, I've tacked down a small piece of dyed rayon lace and then stitched two faceted glass sew-ons, from the costume stock, into the motif. Tied a sloppy knot using three inches of mint green rayon tape, and tacked into the center of the motif. Added a pearl from a broken strand of pearls. Easy, quick and pleasing to the eye.

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