Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February block - progress for CQJP project

Progress on the February block. Working with variegated silk ribbon, I never know what colors the stitches will be in a certain part of the block, which I like. Here I've added French knots among the gold metal thread couching. Will fill in with pearls among those stitches and add flower sequins. The deep pink and lime green ribbon works well with the orange Japanese brocade. Seeing a scan of the block, helps immensely in viewing the desgin. Part of the design element in this block, are the ragged lace edges. The hand-dyed rayon tape, tacked beneath the "button spray" adds to the movement in the block. I often read about gypsy weddings in the London UK Daily Mail. The wall-hanging will be completed as my interpretation of "gypsy embellishing".

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