Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bronze Silk Etui with Jade Rabbit Tassel

This is an Etui made with silk and brocade fabrics. When I created the etui, I had just returned from Paris, studying at the House of Lesage, and was totally smitten with couching. The top of the lid was couched with metallic and metal threads and embellished with 1920's hand-cut "tri-cut" brown glass beads. I added a small jade rabbit tassel to the lid.  Inside the sewing case, I covered a tomato pincushion with Mokuba ribbon flowers and more beadwork. Each pocket holds sewing necessities, naturally! I have an old country store counter display case, in the studio, where I keep my favorite pieces. I saw this in the case the other day, and remembered the joy in creating the piece.

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