Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silk Ribbon Bouquet with Bread Dough Vase

Using only two stitches, this little bouquet was stitched on a blue moire ground and completed with a bread dough vase. I dyed the ribbons for this piece, in shades of plum, lilacs and aubergine. I drew the outline of the urn, onto the moire, then stitched the bouquet, using the Loop Stitch and French Knots. Scattered among the base of the urn, are French knots and small seed beads. The piece was a project for my book "The Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery". Before I began this piece, I was designing booklets for Plaid Enterprises. While taping a TV segment for Plaid in Queens, NY, I met another designer, who took my urn sketches and created several pieces from bread dough. Later, she wrote a book on her salt dough roses. The urn in this piece has two cherubs holding a swag. Her work is stunning. I glued the urn piece to the moire fabric, before I had the piece framed.

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