Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Vintage-dyed Motifs on our RibbonSmyth Etsy Site

I've added a few hand-dyed rayon lace motifs to our etsy site at listed under RibbonSmyth. Beyond economical, a small lace motif, always adds to the design. Most of the motifs are approximately 4 inches. I like using the RibbonSmyth hand-dyed motifs in crazy quilting. No two pieces are alike. In designing, the goal is for the piece to "blend" in with the overall components in the block.  I dye the lace in "vintage" hues such as Antique Gold, Olivine, Lilac and Victorian Rose and sometimes then over-dye the entire piece in the shade "Branch Brown". The goal is for the eye to not be drawn to the starkness of the dyed lace, but instead to have the lace blend in with the fabrics and ribbons, and aid in moving the eye through the design.  I also like to cut the motifs into smaller pieces, as the ragged edges add to the design. Dyeing motifs is beyond relaxing. After each piece has dried, the piece is ironed on the back-side of the lace, to set the dye into the fiber. Undyed motifs and non-toxic dyes can be purchased at in the "Dyer's Supplies" section.

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