Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crazy Quilt Labels for Rengin Yazitas

I made these labels for Rengin, using her artwork. They are on their way to Istanbul. I have a wonderful bright white fabric, with a fusible back, that I use for printing our vintage images. I've been making the images for years. Years ago, before I found the textile manufacturer that cuts the fabric for us, I made several images using the "dip method" with the bottled solution, and then printed onto  fabric. Sadly each one of those images have faded terribly and with the stitching around each image, there is no way to replace the image without damaging the embroidery. With our fusible images, the image can be ironed on to the fabric and then embellished. No puckering from stitching an image to the fabric. I made the labels in three sizes, so Rengin could use a small label to the inside of a purse lining or use the larger size for her crazy quilt blocks.

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