Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jack and his bunny

This is our farm puppy at 8 months old, although he is known as a "velcro dog". He weighs four pounds now and he does not go anywhere without his bunny. My husband calls him "Action Jackson", my assistant calls him "Jack-a-loo", and he will answer to Jackson Pollock too.  Willa calls him "Batdawg" due to his enormous ears.  He terrorizes our other papillon, Sadie Rose. And often when I come in at night from the studio, Pearl, our Maine Coon, can be seen sitting on him. And Jackson is happy about that too.

 There is not a piece of ribbon safe around him. He is the best stitching buddy.  


Ruby said...

I loved reading about your dog. My stitching buddy is 32 pounds!! And no cat is going to sit on him, although when he was younger he would play with one (gently).

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Ruby, I bet your stitching buddy is a sweetheart! So glad we get to enjoy all the love our animals bring us!