Monday, June 20, 2011

Willa's Postcard

Isn't this a clever postcard? Willa sent me this card in honor of the ArtBras. Willa was an ArtBra designer and is a dear friend. She created and generously donated so many bras over the years with wonderful inspiring stories. Her friendship and support of the ArtBra project, means the world to me. We made wonderful memories when we travelled together to France. We both love all things French, thus the French charms on this card!
If we are together, we are laughing! Willa, muchas smooches!


shirley said...

I just love this card, it is beautiful and your friend is a wonderful designer.

Leonie said...

What a lovely and thoughtful card from a dear friend. I know you will treasure it Vic.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Shirley, so glad you like the card.
Willa is a wonderful designer!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Leonie, absolutely! I know how crunched for time Willa is. Joyce was the first to see it! She thought it was special too!