Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wool Afghan in progress

In February I began to crochet baby afghans for a Cinco de Mayo baby shower that we did in New York. The mom-to-be is a photographer and she painted the baby's room in a soft dove gray. I had not crocheted since college but wanted Kate to have something hand-made for the nursery.  I made one lime green afghan in a heavy yarn and one soft duck down yellow mohair afghan. I could have made twenty afghans in the time that I made the two.  During this time, my niece was placed in a cardiac care unit in Texas and to get through the extended hospital stay; she began to crochet. I began to send her yarn and crochet websites.

This is the best crochet site with free patterns -
Last week at the Mennonite thrift shop I bought a bag of wool 6-sided blocks. There were 6 ivory blocks and 35 blue blocks. The $4 bag of blocks had to come with me! I whip-stitched the blocks together and it is one odd very heavy, little throw. I'm adding a 6-inch crochet border with marled yarn, around the throw and then it will be making it's way to my niece. Each night after dinner, I sit in the porch swing, crochet a bit and watch the little hummingbirds flutter among the fire flies. Really happy it's summer!


Ruby said...

Thanks for the site. Love the story. The afghan is pretty 'cool' for wool!

Sandi said...

Love the story of the afghan blocks. Sometimes I find things that have to come home with me, too. :-) Hope your niece is doing well.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Thanks Ruby! That little throw is so very heavy. I like to think that the lady that knitted all those blocks, would be happy to see her work assembled, even in the simple manner I'm using!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Thanks Sandi, I'm with you! I'm afraid that way too many things come home with me. And now the studio is overflowing,with the good buys I could not resist.

Thanks too for the comment about my niece. She was diagnosed with a disease she will have to work with all her life. She is working 3 jobs to try to pay for her doctor bills. Hard enough in this economy to graduate from college burden with student loans and now at 25, she has med bills creating their own mountain. Her Mother is my hero! Hopefully this recycled, repurposed afghan will be something fun for my niece to have in her apartment. I'm the lucky one to get to play with all these wool blocks!