Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dyed paper towel rose

When I finish dyeing rayon tape and trims, I am never able to throw away the dye. All the dyes I use, I mix just for dyeing that day. So a little bit of dye left in about 20 containers has to be used. This photo features paper towels and  a paper towel rose laying on top of wool fabric. Stephanie Novatski taught me to save paper towels, used for sopping up dye. Stephanie is beyond generous in sharing her tricks and techniques. After dyeing, let the paper towels dry and then I iron them and put into a 2 gallon zip lock. Dyed paper towels are great to use as fabric in your machine. They layer beautifully on top of fabric, can be used in the Embellisher, and are perfect for collage work. Coat them with Paverpol or Diamond Glaze to create jewelry pieces. I plan on using some of my dyed paper towels on wool cuffs.

I have to "see" everything. If it is not in a clear see-through tote or zip does not exist.

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