Saturday, August 6, 2011

Protect This Woman #2 Fabric Postcard

This card again used fabric remnants I purchased in Paris. I piece post cards with raw fabric edges, which are a great design element. After piecing, iron on the  RibbonSmyth fusible vintage image and then have fun with placing "the bits." The velvet ribbon and motif were dyed with RibbonSmyth Rainbow dyes in Victorian Rose and Antique Gold. Tacked down bits of pink tulle netting and added a little chain stitch with RibbonSmyth variegated buttonhole silk twist around the words.


Stephanie said...

I am SOOOO Loving these postcards! Fabulous!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Stephanie, Thank you! Did you get one? lol (I'm embarassed to ask!) If not, I will bring you one this week.

I am a postcard freak! Because they are projects that can be finished in one sitting...unlike a quilt!