Sunday, August 21, 2011

RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyed Wool Pieces

This is dyed wool using the left-over dyes from dying rayon tape. Isn't this wool gorgeous? Love recycling.
Because wool applique is so popular, finding wool blankets is becoming more difficult. I purchase my wool blankets at thrift stores.

These are two pieces from a bubblegum pink wool blanket. I cut pieces to use for cuffs or for purses. Because the wool is so heavy after it's been dyed; keep the pieces small. Wash the wool blanket in hot water and dry in the dryer to felt. I usually wash a blanket several times.

I used our RibbonSmyth Rainbow Dyes for rayon and cotton and the dye worked well on the wool. I used a pipette and drizzled dye onto the damp wool pieces, which I laid on top of a plastic trash bag. After dyeing, don't move the wool.  Let it dry outdoors. While it is still wet, I roll up the wool pieces in paper towels to aid the drying process, but I also collect the paper towels.  Loving the colors. That's what's great about dyeing. I never know the outcome until the fabric is completely dry! And I am always happy with the outcome!


LadybugTwo said...

I would love to know how to make the paper towel rose. Also, what a great idea to save the dyed paper towels. Just one more thing for me to save.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

I know, can you believe we save painted paper towels? But they really are lovely pieces to use for collage and it's a great way to recycle paper into our craft.

Take a paper towel and twist into a long strand. Begin to twist the twisted paper towel into a coil. Use thread or glue to hold into place.