Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween Post Card with bats and pumpkins

Already in our local village, there are stores filled with Halloween costumes. I don't want summer to end, although fall  in Pennsylvania, is spectacular, it means five months of winter, and a very cold studio!

  So here is a post card to celebrate fall!
I used 3 pieces of fabric - rust doupioni, orange Ultrasuede and orange silk. Scraps are perfect. Once those were pieced onto a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of baby flannel, I fused 3 small pieces of Angelina fibers together using wax paper or a small Teflon sheet. I used Copper, Enchanted Forest and Brass fibers. I placed the small fused piece  on top of the fabric and then fused the Halloween Vintage image on top of the Angelina, which is on top of the fabric. How easy is that?

Baste the pieced fabric to the fast-to-fuse postcard shape. Cut the piece to 4"x6".

I used the Firecracker colorway in the Rayon tape and rococo lace selection. Using champagne Nymo, tack rococo lace around the edge of the vintage image.
Make small loops or "half-bow" loops with the rayon tape, simply by gathering the ribbon and taking a few stitches in the ribbon to hold the loops in place; starting on the right side of the vintage image. I let one end of the rayon tape hang 1 inch below the bottom of the post card.

Clip several bats and pumpkins from the satin bat and pumpkin garland and tack the small motifs in place with Nymo.

Using 4mm silk ribbon in yellow and orange, add one-wrap French knots on the left side of the vintage image, on top of the rococo lace. Add several Ribbon Stitch flowers in 4mm yellow silk ribbon, among the pumpkins. Fill the center of the flowers with gold seed beads.  Stitch miscellaneous beads and buttons among the rayon tape and the French knots.

Tack gold lurex fringe around the outside edge of the card using Nymo thread. Using some of our cotton picot trim, which I dyed burgundy, tack that trim down next to the gold as a finishing touch.

Fuse a RibbonSmyth French Post Card back to the back of the card.  Add your greeting! Ready to a padded envelope! 


Fun With This and That said...

Do you have kits for that card? I would like that.Would be nice every month Laura

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Hi Laura,
Your idea is super. I will see what I can pull off. I really like the post card kit for each month. How much fun that would be!