Saturday, August 6, 2011

Protect This Woman #3 Fabric Postcard

I think this card will be displayed on a little brass easel, sitting on a stack of books in our parlour at the house. This little card definitely "met" a water drop somewhere, as the letters are a bit blurred, but love the vintage image. I collect Guardian Angel images, as the image alone seems comforting. I use our variegated silk ribbon twist for postcards, because the weight of the silk thread is perfect. Dyed a bit of lace to match the silk ribbon and added a brass goddess charm. The velvet used for piecing is a deep burgundy and does not translate via the scanner.


Ruby said...

I am just beginning a Angel RR and Guardian is one aspect I'd neglected. Thanks for the reminder. I am thinking Christmas, Messenger, Visitor, Garden....I received my prize package from the blog giveaway. So very generous! Thank you!

Linda said...

The water spot on the words are tears of joy for protecton. Your work is second to none and the beauty brought forth with each card must be so rewarding. I would put all of your fabric art cards on a rotating base and share their beauty with others.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Ruby, we all need our Guardian Angels!Glad you liked the prize package. Your order is on it's way.
Thanks so much!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Linda, thank you for your sweet words. Just the best way to start the day, hearing from you! I appreciate the great idea...I will set up some type of slide show with the cards. I have a slide show of older postcards scrolling across the scrapbook section of our site. Fabric postcards are just the best size for creating in small doses of time. Hope you are doing well.