Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wool Cuff Close-up

This is a close-up and not a very good photograph; but was hoping to capture the cabochon used for the center focal of the cuff. The cabochon was made by Stephanie Novatski, the most creative woman on this planet,  using her technique with Friendly Plastic, the hot pot and Angelina film. The cab is flexible and I pierced holes around the piece to anchor to the wool. Beneath the cab are wisps of FiberFusion and on top of that, rayon tape that has been tacked to the wool. I've layered gold metal strands across the cab anchored with Nymo and tiny green sequins.
 Willa and I were in a factory in Lyon, France, watching gold bars being reduced to metal thread, metal bullion, metal sequins and other metal pieces ordered by Arab Sheiks for their clothing. I was not allowed to take photographs, but was entranced by the process at the factory. Michel, the owner of the company, was the most gracious host! I purchased a large ball of gold metal thread and finally used some of the threads in the design of this cuff. Willa and I were both amazed that I bought gold metal "trash"!

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