Friday, September 23, 2011

Clay Cuff, FiberFusion and a silk carrier rod

I'm still playing with clay and can't wait to see this cuff finished. The cuff is nestled on top of FiberFusion and beneath it is a silk carrier rod. I have a large bag of Japanese carrier rods I picked up in New York. Just dyed this piece and it is still wet, thus the brilliance of the rod. The luster of the silk is amazing. These will be super to work with as they can easily be stitched, pulled apart into layers, etc. Will dye a few more and get just the right color to use on the cuff. Will tone down the rod with gilder's paste and then fill with different copper tone glass beads and probably a bit of wire.  Waiting for a spool of silk cord to arrive and then will use a rod on the silk cord as a focal for a necklace.


Denise said...

Oh how lovely and amazing.

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Denise, thank you! Any chance to create, is a treat...even if for a few minutes. Being impulsive, if I get an idea, I want to try it out right then or it's gone!