Sunday, September 11, 2011

Needlepoint Floral Rose Cuff

Here is the completed needlepoint cuff. I've still not mastered the best way to photograph cuffs. The piece is lined with a cinnamon Ultrasuede. I discovered in using a 2" wide cuff blank, that the end result offered a  2 1/2" wide piece. I thought the cuff was too large for my wrist, but once the needlepoint piece was completed; it fit perfectly.


donnarae said...

Love the cuffs you've been making!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Donna, thank you! Wishing I was spending time working on cq blocks as lovely as yours! I feel lucky right now to snag a few hours for cuffs. But when I get this studio cleaned out, I'm gonna tackle a crazy quilt or two...because I have got some fabric to use up!

Mary said...

Hi Victoria!

It's been awhile, but I've purchased from your store before. Just found your blog!

Have you tried photographing outdoors in natural light? That may help. Also, try zooming in from a short ways away and then let your auto focus try to capture the details. I have a pretty unsophisticated Canon that I use mostly on auto and that method seems to work pretty well for me.

Do you ever get down South with your classes? I've tried with the book, but it's hard ...

What would be really cool is if you were to try to schedule some classes at the upcoming Country Living Fair in Atlanta in October!

Victoria Adams Brown said...

Thanks for the photography tips. Will shoot some projects outdoors. We have not had much sunlight in the past few weeks. Will check out the festival.Perhaps in 2012! I would love to get to the South for some classes!