Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jackson with his Elizabethan collar

This is a picture of our little papillon, Jackson. He had surgery yesterday and now he has to wear an "Elizabethan Collar" for two weeks. The vet said they did not have a collar large enough to contain his ears!
I feel so bad for him, that I doubt he will be in that collar for two weeks! He's getting lots of snacks and pain meds for a week!


Cynthia said...

Poor baby. When my sheltie has surgery a few months ago, they suggested putting a child's tshirt on her to keep her away from the incision. If it didn't work, we could use the collar. It worked perfectly. I don't know where Jackson's incision is, but you might want to try that. It would be a lot more comfortable for him.


Victoria Adams Brown said...

Cynthia, a big thank you for your great suggestion. He was neutered and I certainly did not want to do that, but our vet said it was necessary for his optimum health. How you get that point across to him, I don't know. He also had a microchip inserted and baby teeth removed. He has the absolute best temperment. I have to admit, if he is with me, he is not wearing the collar. It is horribly humid here and we are waiting for another 5 inches of rain. In an old farmhouse, it is tricky to ever get it cool enough, so the collar seems a bit much. He is horrifically spoiled. I have an elderly papillon, that he hangs out with; but he has a 2 year-old Maine Coon, that he torments, and she loves it. Aren't we lucky to have pets that give us so much happiness?

Stephanie said...

What a sad looking little guy! Give him a hug and kiss for me!