Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lacey Cuff Closeup

When I have booths at trade shows; I spend time doing dyeing demonstrations. Last night I came across a bag of demo samples and found this lace motif.  The piece was dyed with RibbonSmyth Rainbow dyes using dyes in Olivine, Antique Gold, Lilac, and Victorian Rose. Dyes that have been heavily diluted with water. Use a damp motif before applying dye, so the dyes will flow into each other and create additional shades. Once the motif is dry, iron the back of the lace piece to heat-set. I cut the motif into 3 pieces and then reassembled. I added  vintage 1920's amethyst rhinestone sew-ons for flower centers.
The metal-coated glass rose is a 1920's flat-back piece. I have several hundred and will get them loaded, as well as strands of assorted rose montees,  onto my etsy sites, once the studio rehab is completed.  The base of the cuff has been finished with gilder's paste in bronze and olive green. This piece is neutral and could be  dressed up or would look good with  jeans and a cashmere sweater.