Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mermaid Collage with Carrier Rod and hand-dyed fibers

This quote is great and it can be interpreted in many ways.
"And I said, with rapture, here is something I can study all my life, and never understand".
Samuel Beckett, Moloy
Since I've not read the book, I would like to think the quote can be used in describing women!
And since mermaids hold much mystique for us; thought the 1920's Mermaid image would work for this collage. The collage is approximately 4"x6" with uneven edges. It has been finished with a wool back.

I used Key West hand-dyed rayon tape to make an uneven fringe. Trimmed the sides of the image with silk carrier rods that I dyed to match the Sea Cove bias-cut silk ribbon.
These are elements taken from my new Mermaid CQ Block kit.

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