Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy Quilt Vintage white block kit

Crazy Quilt Vintage White Block Kit
I have a few of these kits left and am sending some to Japan today, so thought I would take a picture while packing the kits. The components because they have so much potential. I know I would throw all the contents into a  pot filled with tea and tone down for a vintage block. The white lace motif is harvested from a wedding gown bodice. The beautiful, green tamboured embroidery came from a formal gown and I'm sure it originated in India. I've added a white vintage 12" dinner napkin, velvet, ivory and green toile fabric, complete with yards of braid, a muslin base fabric, and topped off with silk ribbon. I know it speaks "Bridal" but it reminds me too of a winter "Ice Queen"!

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